Canada's Premiere Virtual CISO Service

TeamCISO is a collection of Virtual CISOs here to help your small to medium business remain Cyber Secure.

The Virtual CISO

  • Fractional CISO for small businesses needing CyberSecurity guidance
  • Short-term Interim CISO while you are searching for your Unicorn
  • Longer term vCISO to help develop and implement a CyberSecurity Framework

Team CISO can help you by augmenting your current IT Staff with a virtual CISO

( vCISO or CISO for Hire).

One Breach or Ransomware event will likely cost you more than several years worth of Cyber Security Guidance! 


Larger organizations have the ability to justify the resources and expense of having a full time CISO (Chief Information Security Officer) on staff to manage their Cyber Security program. This individual will work with internal and external auditors, HR, compliance and legal teams.  They will provide Cyber Security guidance to the IT Operations team as well as the Application Development team.  They are a one stop shop for ensuring the security practice of the organization. 


On the other hand, if you are a smaller business, and can't justify having the salary and resources of a full time expert on staff, we can help.


Leverage our team of experienced Information Security Governance Professionals to help assess your security posture and guide you through building and maintaining an appropriate Information Security program.  This is a time and material engagement, designed in increments of 6 months. 

When you hire a Virtual CISO from TeamCISO, it's not just a person filling a role. You are actually getting a team of qualified Information Security professionals with years of experience putting a tested security program in place.  You will get Weekly/Monthly/Quarterly reporting and guidance.  


Free 30 Minute Consultation

What do you get under a Virtual CISO engagement:

  • Developing and implementing an information security program.
  • Developing an information security budget and presenting it for approval.
  • Coordinating the development and maintenance of information security strategies, ISP review, and standards for approval.
  • Providing advice and specified information security issues.
  • Assisting IT to communicate with the business departments to understand security risks and exposures.
  • Providing guidance to IT in conducting independent monitoring, testing, assessments, and reviews of the security of information resources.
  • Developing, maintaining and coordinating information security management processes that integrate with other IT standard processes such as systems development.
  • Providing enterprise-wide security consulting to systems and networks development projects (existing, new and upgrades) including those projects outsourced to third parties.
  • Maintaining a list of outstanding enterprise level security issues and proposed remediation solutions. Ensure that specific function or individual who is responsible for remedial action is identified.
  • Establishing requirements and criteria for the selection of security products and services to be selected by Lines Of Business or outsource providers.
  • Partnering with HR and the Communications department to establish enterprise security awareness programs.
  • Coordinating and supporting vulnerability assessments.
  • Engaging third party security expertise to provide advice and guidance or to execute specific security tasks where internal expertise is not available.