The Interim CISO

(From the Latin "CISO Interimus"  -  A short term Security Unicorn brought in to help keep the ship upright while  while you search for your forever Exec)


There's a time in every company when a respected C-Suite executive has to leave for one reason or another.  Whether it be health issues, family obligations, or gawd-forbid, somebody offered them a "better opportunity" (cough..) 


It can be a tough and time consuming venture to replace an executive role, and more so for Information Security given the well documented skills gap in the marketplace today. 

It can take between 6 and 12 months to search for, hire, and transition a CISO into their full time role. 

Our Certified Advisors all have more than a decade in Enterprise Information Security.  We have worked across a number of different industry verticals, and can help you fill the Cyber Security gap while you are searching for your full-time CISO.

With TeamCISO, you get more than just an Individual  person assigned.  Each of our Advisors are backed by a team of qualified Security Analysts, Document Writers, Researchers, and Project Managers.


The Process of Finding and Hiring a New CISO

CISO Announces their Departure

Search Commences for a New CISO

Hiring and Onboarding a New CISO

Successful Integration

Typically 2-3 Weeks

Typically 3-6 Months

Typically 1-2 Months

Typically 4-6 Months

To discuss your unique needs while searching for your very own Security Unicorn, call us for a free consultation.