Managed Detection

and Response (MDR)

As low as $8/seat and $50/server per month!

TeamCISO's Managed Detection and Response (MDR)  is an affordable subscription based network security monitoring service akin to your home monitored security system.

To help keep costs down, we use Industry accepted and peer reviewed Open Source tools for log collecting, intrusion detection, threat analytics, and case management.

Each client is segregated in it's own MDR tool container, completely separate from other clients.

Further, TeamCISO places the intrusion detection, vulnerability scanner, and log management tools on-premise within the customer's network, so that no Corporate Intellectual Property or Personally Identifiable Information leaves your company.  Our log management system analyses the data locally, and only sends meta-data describing the numbers, locations, and types of events it sees back to our Security Operations Center.

If you are interested to know more about how we can help your small company manage your logs and provide actionable alerts to malicious or anomalous network traffic, please contact us.


Intrusion Detection

As well as a device that we install to monitor your network traffic, we can monitor firewall logs, network equipment, workstation/server logs, and many application logs.

The instant that something doesn't look quite right, we attempt to determine what it is, and the level of risk it may pose.

Depending on the level of service subscribed, we either alert you immediately and assist in remediating the issue, or we inform you and take care of it for you.


Log Management


EndPoint Security Management

All computers (Workstations, Laptops, Servers, Tablets, Phones) require Endpoint Protection Software.  Typically, this may be McAfee, Symantec, Sophos, Trend, Kaspersky, Carbon Black, etc... 

These systems are designed to provide security status and logs to a centralized console for management. 

As part of the Managed Detection and Response, TeamCISO will manage your Endpoint Protection console for you. We will ensure that any system connecting to your network has the appropriate security software installed, as well as alert you to, and correct,  any anomalous behavior identified through this system.

Threat Hunting

Threat Hunting

A network agent on the scanning machine uses Machine Learning to build a model of "normal" activity on your network, and creates "Risk Scores" for traffic that deviates from that model.  We then proactively review and assess that traffic behavior to identify potential threats.

Additionally, through curated 3rd party intelligence, TeamCISO monitors trends in external risks seen across the industry, and will look for and block these specific threats within your environment.


Regular Vulnerability Scanning

Malicious hackers and malware typically look for unpatched and vulnerable systems to install and launch their attack from. 

We will provide you with details on the level of risk, as well as the likelihood of exploitation for each finding.  We will also provide links to the specific patches or recommendations required to remediate the vulnerability. 


Security Reporting

In the case of a security incident, we will track, monitor, and alert the appropriate members of your team to help triage, block and remediate any findings. A detailed report of the incident will be prepared for immediate review.

A quarterly executive report will be generated to include in your management meetings.

Adhoc reports can be generated on request.

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